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​Walk~ins & Soul Exchanges​

Walk-ins are here to help humanity expand consciousness &
become aware of the multidimensional aspects of the soul...

..​.A walk~in is a soul exchange in which an human spirit or an extraterrestrial soul has a mission on earth plane and takes up residence in the body of a human living soul or a companion soul in spirit form walking along with an embodied soul... 

​The most common walk~ins take up place in the body of an human who has completed his/her mission on Earth and is ready to leave.

The walk~in soul agrees to complete the contract left
by the walk~out soul. Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul steps in and picks up where the first soul left off. 

A walk~in can also be a companion soul in spirit form walking along with an embodied soul. It can be a fragmented aspect of a soul coming home and reuniting with the soul essence in a body. It can be a blend of soul essences in which two or more souls inhabit a body simultaneously.These may rotate in and out of the “driver’s seat” as needed to accomplish a task..

Walk-in souls dont kidnap another person's body but happens when 2 souls agree. The original soul makes the decision that it wants out  and contracts with another soul to continue its lifetime incarnation. 

Some walk-ins are a blend of soul essences or consciousnesses inhabiting one body simultaneously...
When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul often leaves (unless a walk-along or braid better serves the partnership), moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. This exchange comes only by permission and full agreement between the outgoing and incoming souls.

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Do you ever feel you are not from this timeline or planet  ? 

Do you feel that your soul came "Here" to live out certain experiences,  then... your life begin to change and suddenly, you become another person... more spiritually evolved , with the feeling​ to have a mission​ to help the  humanity ? 

                  Such is the "Journey" of the Walk~In ! 

     How would you define what a walk~in is,
    what happens when someone walks~in ?

A soul usually makes a completion in this lifetime when a person dies. But in certain lifetimes a soul completes their work early.
Generally, with the walk-in experience, it is an agreement between two souls on an etheric level. Sometimes it is done before the soul is born into a body. An agreement is made with another to walk in. It is simply another way to come onto this planet. In my case, I was asked to dot his based on certain criteria that I agreed to do. I had no reason or interest to walk in.I was perfectly happy to stay where I was.

        Do you remember your agreements ?

Absolutely, I came in here with full memory. A lot of walk-ins don't. They just feel weird. They don't know anybody. It's like landing in the middle of nowhere. It's like going to a foreign country and not knowing the language ​or customs other than what you've read. You feel like a fish out of water. There's really no other experience that matches this one,other than when you ascend.
​*Interview With A Walk-In:  
​Kelemeria Myarea Elohim  (full story)
May Love, Peace, Compassion, be your Guiding Light                                                Nisya Shakti

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