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Earth Changes with 5th dimensional vibration... 

 Vibration frequency radiates from the Source to everyone & Everything...

​As We ALL come from the same Source, ​We All born at a high vibration but everyone's vibration level is very different and determined by the level of consciousness and awareness of the person...

We are composed ​of different levels of energy : * mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and, in the universe, absolutely everyone & everything are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies...​​​​ Everything physically manifested vibrates within certain ranges of frequency in order​ for human perceive it... 

Around us and within us, ALL vibrations operate at low and high frequencies... Each of these levels have a vibrational frequency,   which combine to create ​our overall vibration of being :

​If your vibration is low, you will be surrounded by negative thoughts, emotions, situations and people... nothing will flow properly in your life, sometimes including health, money issues. 
NO spiritual awareness !

* Higher vibrations are associated with empowering thoughts, 
positive emotions, good health stronger spiritual awareness.

* By raising your vibration you will receive a clearer guidance from your Higher Self because it  will vibrate at a HIGHER  frequency and, by releasing the old restrictive patterns, by resetting old energy with new vibrant energy in your system enhances, you will see that a beautiful change will take place ...
Your life will become 
happier,  easier and more spiritual...

​Since 2012, Higher Frequency Energies enter our Beautiful Planet, opening more spiritual aspects of Human DNA Expressions and We ALL are going through a shift up in vibration, a completely new vibration calle
d  :

                                   "Divine Upliftment"

*In the loving memory of the third Dimension... Thank You so much for teaching Us polarity Consciousness... but... You wont be missed !!!

Gaia is actually in "transitional time" in which We are experiencing the end, the death of the 3D *Third dimensional reality, while at the same time We start to slowly travel through the  bridge of the 4th Dimension... 

All the creation is manifested from Divine energy, from the Source and the smallest component also exist as pure energy.​ When we resonate at a higher vibration, we are putting ourselves in alignment with everything​ at the same  frequency, setting ourselves up  for a Journey in  this present incarnation....  ​


Following all steps below will help you to expand your consciousness to higher selves, and, if you feel that you need help, do not hesitate and go
​to meet a Multidimensional Healer/Lightworker...  

* Realize what is the real meaning of Life 

* Be Thankful  and Grateful

* Be MORE in the present moment

* Become conscious of your thoughts 

* Do regular Multidimensional Healing

* Be more appreciative

​* Let go your fears

* Stop gossiping

* Stop complaining

* Drink MORE water

* Express Love & Gratitude to  the water
* Be aware that We are NOT ALONE
  in the Universe 

​* Surrender more to "what it is"

* Be conscious of the foods you eat

* Eat healthy foods, less meat or not at all

* Practice acts of kindness

* Practice forgiveness

* Give without expecting anything in return

* Switch your subconscious mind to only
  positive thinking

* Practice positive affirmations

* Do movements, yoga etc..

* Breathe more deeply

​* Do regular meditation 

​​* Chant mantras,  

* Listen to soothing music for the soul and sound'  
​frequencies to help you to trigger 
​ positive emotions...

​                                        Great article by Katie Gallanti.

We are now approaching the time of the splitting between the two Earths. The decisions made now and the positive or negative soul orientation choices made now, will determine which vibrational version of Earth we will be residing on at the other side of the node, most likely in the next few years.

The node is a point in space time in which all timelines are possible, as a result of a series of vibrational gateways created by energy shifts in the solar galactic cycle. Every so often, cyclically, on the time clock of the galaxy, there is a time in which the Earth timelines open up and the opportunity for a vibrational shift is available for all, both individually and at the collective level. And for the Earth plane herself. 

The opportunity for jumping at a higher level vibrationally exists for both the light and the dark polarities of the force. Once on the other side of the node, however, the two polarities will no longer coexist, meaning that, beyond a certain vibrational level, there is a split, and the dark reality goes one way and the light reality goes another. This does not mean that there will be no darkness in the new high vibe Earth and no light in the darker Earth, but that the dominant experience in both realities, will be one or the other, predominantly. Many of us are already blinking in and out of the New Earths, both the light one and dark one, as these two vibrational experiences are both available right now, while the timelines are still conjoined. 
Katie Gallanti.

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When we enter this planet we come in at a high spirit frequency (we can use the analogy of FM (spirit) frequency vs. AM (earth) frequency). As we enter the planet the spirit (FM) frequency drops but we still stay tuned into this frequency. As our belief system changes from the Universal Truth to the Earthly beliefs, our frequency shifts to the Earth (AM) frequency. Our level of vibration drops (becomes more dense) the deeper we sink in the Earthly beliefs and fall from the pure state of compassion and love. The more we victimize, have ill feelings, thoughts, criticisms and judgments about ourselves and others the more dense our vibrations become. Repressed emotions, stress, anxiety, depression all create energy blockages. These energy blockages also make our vibrations denser. The denser our vibrations become the less power (will) we have to direct our life the way we would like to. Our co-creative abilities to manifest our ultimate desires are at their minimum.

Raising our vibration level back to the spirit frequency maximizes our power (will) and abilities to manifest with our own co-creative life force. We are able to return to a life style similar to being in the 5th dimensional plane (where we have ultimate, freedom, joy, love, peace and prosperity) by raising our vibrations to the higher vibrational frequency. Earth has been in the 3rd dimensional plane. Beings in this 3rd dimensional plane live to survive. All daily tasks fulfill survival needs.  Since 1987 Earth began a shift towards uplifting itself to the 5th dimensional vibration-frequency. This is the vibration-frequency of creative life force activation. All beings that are able to uplift themselves (through clearing their negative energies) to the 5th dimensional space are able to co-create their dream world and life purpose faster with the planet's higher vibrational energies. Planet Earth's vibration-frequency as of 2005 was estimated to be three quarters into the 4th dimensional plane. It is estimated that over 50% of the beings on Earth are still in 3rd dimension, 45% are in 4th dimension and 5% are in the 5th Dimension vibration.

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Every Beings & everything seen or unseen that exists in this
universe are pure Light &  resonate as a vibratory frequency...
Nisya Shakti

To reach other dimensions within the universal cosmic law you can raise your vibrations by raising your frequency to higher dimensional frequencie and  by clearing blocks within our energy fields and chakras...

When we raise our vibration, the first level of change enters us into 
the lunar consciousness...it is a long work and takes for approximately 4/5 years.

The next step is to attain the solar consciousness where we become more attuned and start to clear problems from all of the subtle bodies..this can take 3/5 another years...

The third step is the stellar consciousness where lightworkers & healers work on ​an intense level with spirits master...

When we already reach the stellar consciousness, we are a clear channel and we can meet great cosmic masters

Emergence with the Divine is the last step, and only available to the Great Spiritual Masters.

At this level, the activation of the 12 strands of our DNA into the physical​ and interface ​with the light body is completed !

​Linked website about DNA @


 The  New Energy will open a series of DNA time locks...

This transmission begins a process of DNA change and
for some time you will  feel strong vibrations and pulsing...

​​If you listen and receive this energy transmission you will
 experience an​altered sense of self, a feeling of floating, 
 feeling of being here but "not here"...

A beautiful  feeling a greater sense of peace and oneness
with all life, with ALL WHAT IT IS.

Please, continue to attune Yourselves to these 
Higher Universal Frequencies of Unconditional  L O V E
​and Harmony !

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*A New Awakening @

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