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  The Process of Dying   
Many humans are suffering  because they think that We live once and there is nothing after death... but when we are fully aware that this "Now Life" is only one passage in the eternal wheel of time,  every single moment flow and become clear like crystal water...
Nisya Shakti

Isaac Bashevis - Story from Behind the Stove

​In following the Journey of the Soul, dying reveals itself as a profound process of spiritual transformation, it is a surreal adventure in which the "Bridge"  is​ wide opened for the Soul to pass from one realm of dimension into another...

The Astral Body & Astral Plane
After shedding the physical body, we live in an etheric body, an energy body which underlies the physical body. The etheric body later disintegrates, which allows us to transition to spiritual planes or levels of the spirit world
where we have a different energy body.  A term used to describe this form is an astral body, which exists on the astral plane of the spiritual world.In the transition to the astral plane, some may fall asleep and wake up in the astral plane not knowing how they got there. Others may remain conscious during the transition...  Individuals may wake up in a hospital setting. Loved ones and pets who died previously may be waiting for the newly deceased person.

Adjustment to the Spirit World following Death
In an hospital or other healing setting, the newly deceased adjust to life in the spirit world. Those who had amputations  in the physical world receive guidance on how their astral limbs will regenerate through ... .People who died at an elderly age will become younger and those who died in childhood will grow older until a desired age is reached,  usually appearing to be 25/30 years of age. When leaving the hospital, one finds surroundings similar to Earth, but more vibrant...

The human body is composed of several different layers made of gross and subtle forms of matter. Each layer is usually referred to as a body and we are composed of five bodies...

 1. Gross physical body

2. Etheric physical body
(invisible physical matter or dark matter)

3. Astral body (emotional body)

4. Mental body (mind body)

5. Causal body (soul body)

In other words we are multidimensional beings and each body helps us to function on a different plane or dimension of human endeavour.

Our Astral, mental and causal bodies together can separate from the physical bodies during sleep and can function independently during dream states while still connected to the physical body via a thread. 

Death is a long process and death of the physical body is the first stage of that process. After the shedding of the physical body (including the etheric body) there are two further bodies to shed, the astral-emotional body, and the mind body. There can be a gap of few days to thousands of years from the shedding of the physical body to shedding of the astral body. There is a further gap between the shedding of the astral body and the shedding of the mind body. After the shedding of the mind, the soul can exist for a long period of time in a state of bliss before creating another physical body to reincarnate again on earth.

At the time of death the astral body with the etheric, the mental and the causal bodies separate from the gross physical body. The etheric body disintegrates few days after death and the person is left with the astral body and the other two subtle bodies, the mental and the causal body. The astral body resembles the physical body in appearance and people can feel more alive when dead than when they were still living.

Therefore in reality there is no death and it is only a transition from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness. In practice we are in a state resembling death during sleep. Only difference is that we can return to our physical body after having a dream but we cannot do so after death.

After a sudden, an unexpected or a traumatic death some people fail to recognise that they are dead. This is sometimes the reason for the phenomenon of 'ghosts', or earth bound souls, where a dead person after failing to recognize that he or she is dead continues to live and work in the places where they used to live and work before their death.Sometimes even though the dead person knows that he or she is dead, they continue live in the same surroundings either because of their greed for the material possessions left behind or because of their love for the people left behind.

After death the person should ideally start living on one of the seven astral planes. It may be difficult for someone who has never heard about the astral planes while they were still alive to suddenly find the astral planes, especially if they haven't got anybody to guide them. In the usual case of an expected death, the dead friends and relatives living on the astral plane start visiting their friend or relative still living on the physical plane but is about to die and pay their last respects. They will again visit the person after death and take him or her to the astral plane and acclimatize, guide and train the person to living on the astral planes.

The astral plane is an illusion created by the material minded human beings by their creative visualizations. Some people refer to these planes as heaven but some of the lower astral planes could be as bad as hell.The astral matter is very pliable and people living on these planes could create anything they wish by creative visualisation.

Therefore one could create an illusion of a hell or a heaven for oneself by creative vizualisation. Therefore what is important after death is your inner state of mind. If one is full of sadness, guilt, and remorse, one could create an illusion of a hell for oneself or if one is in a state of happiness and bliss one could create an illusion of a heaven. A religious or a non-religious person brought up on a diet of heaven ; hell or eternal damnation has a very good opportunity to create an illusion of a hell or heaven for himself or herself depending on their belief systems.

As there is no physical body to nourish and to protect, people living on the astral planes do not need to eat, drink, sleep, breathe or protect themselves from the elements. As there is no physical body one cannot experience physical pain but only emotional or mental pain. But a person who does not know this could create an illusion of pain for themselves.

There is no need to work or to earn a living and one could travel anywhere simply by the power of thought. But because of our material nature people living on the lower astral planes continue to do what they did on earth in their self-created illusionary world. Some people continue to work, eat, drink and sleep, though there is no need to do any of these things.

On the mental planes one has a mind but there is no body or the usual sensory organs. After spending a period of time in the mental plane if they wish or when their time have come,people could discard their mental bodies and move into the next plane of existence, the soul plane. The astral planes are called 'divya loka' and mental planes 'brahma loka' in Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

In the soul plane the soul exists in a state of bliss until the time has come for one to incarnate on  the physical plane...  When the soul reincarnates on the physical plane, the whole cycle of life and death starts all over again...

We are souls in incarnation ;  the soul or the divine spark magically creates the mental, the astral and the physical bodies for it to manifest on the physical plane. We identify our physical body, the mind or the personality as the person whereas the soul is the real person, which has created the other vehicles for its manifestation on the physical plane. It is like identifying a car as the person and not the driver who drives the car...

​When a person dies the silver cord, which is an energy cord that connects the soul with the physical body, ceases to exist... The  act of dying has often been likened to travelling in a long tunnel with Light at the end towards which the soul is reaching...
*Nowaday Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves​ To Another Universe At Death. 

Dr. Newton believes that the hypnotic responses of his subjects concerning the afterlife provide credible information because of the great consistency in their reports, even using the same words and graphic descriptions, because he has no indication  of anyone attempting to fake their spiritual existence,because he treats each case as if he is hearing the information for the first time, and because of his efforts to corroborate specific functional activities of souls ​during regression sessions.​In the process of dying,  the mind began to empty and the heart began to open more...

                                          Key Results

An arriving soul can enter a place of healing as part of the restoration of the soul after a lifetime on earth.

People's memories of the initial activities of the soul just after final death on earth parallel the recollections of people returning from a near-death experience (NDE)

Souls are generally anxious to move away from the earth after death, but in many cases may stay a few days for their funeral.

Most souls initially pass through a tunnel towards the light .

The appearances of physical structures or others  remembrances of earth on entry of the soul are intended to ease their transition.

Souls have the capability of projecting former life forms in communication with other souls.

Immediately after their death on earth, souls are met initially by their spirit guides or someone with whom they were close in their previous life. They meet others that were important to them previously.

Spirit guides continue their protective role.

Communication is done with telepathy

A private form of consciousness between spirits exists through touch.

Souls who were unable to turn aside a human impulse to harm others will go into seclusion upon entering the spirit world and remain for quite a while. A following reincarnation may be as a victim in a karmic cycle of justice.

Souls travel to their initial destination through a large staging area.

Souls proceed to their cluster, small groups of soul energy that appear like a cluster of transparent bubbles or translucent bulbs. They contain entities who often shared past lives with the arriving spirit.

Group placement is determined by soul level.

Secondary groups have some contact with a primary group.

Opportunity for socialization and travel exist for souls living in their group.

Once a soul group is formed no new members are added.

Souls are grouped with others of similar characteristics.

At higher levels of soul evolution more independence takes place from group activities.

Spirit lights demonstrate color that correlates with their state of spiritual evolution.

The spirit world resembles one great schoolhouse with a multitude of classooms under the direction of teacher souls who monitor progress.

All souls have a personal guide who may be with them for thousands of years and many lives.

Junior guides are often assigned as well, later in the development of a soul.

Guides can appear as humans as well as spirits.

Most souls in the world today are in an early stage of development.

Spirits can experience two lives on earth at the same time.

A dormant part of our soul remains in heaven during incarnations.

Souls learn the techniques of creation of physical items by thought, starting with simple assignments.

Souls incarnate on worlds other than earth.

The evolution of souls can continue way beyond the level where incarnation no longer takes place.

Souls are reincarnating more frequently in recent centuries, and today would have roughly two lives during the past century.

Souls are not required to reincarnate but considerable pressure is brought to bear by spirit guides when the time is considered right.

Souls go to a place of life selection in order to examine alternative lives to lead.

There is a tendency for spirits to reincarnate in the same geographical area they were in during past lives.

The effort required to overcome a physical disability accelerates spiritual evolution.

Souls learn prior to a new reincarnation to recognize future earthly signs from other souls they may encounter on earth with whom they have been close in the spirit world.

Souls leave...   for entering again he body of an infant through a tunnel.

The physical shock of birth is greater than that of death.

​Souls can arrive in the infant's body anytime before, during or slightly after the moment of birth. 

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