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Extension of Energy into the

Our higher chakras access the Web through the Universe...
Nisya Shakti

Chakras are vortexes that allow for the flowing of Light and Energy through our Dimension and intertwines in the UNIVERSAL WEB OF ENERGY We live in...​  They are the Portals between our ​physical realm and all other Dimensions.

When you understand that you are an eternal soul living temporarily in a physical body rather than a body with a soul, your start to experience Divine Love and compassion...  Nisya Shakti 

You have to know that we have 12 more chakras called higher or spiritual chakras beyond the 7 majors... These higher  chakras are the links between our personality and our higher self...  When activated, these chakras allow us  to access to an expanded consciousness,  increase our spiritual awareness and compassion, and free ourselves from fear and karmic residues.

*Working with a spiritual/multidimensional healer will help  to keep these energy centers energized...​

​Energy flows to and from this world through these
 chakras that exist​ in Everyone and Everything...

​These chakras  are a view of the world that we live in that
we cannot see and a way to access the world around us that
escapes our view in the physical dimension.

​The Cosmic Gateway
chakra link to the galaxy, it exists far from the physical body. It is through this chakra that we can visit other worlds and communicate with other beings. Through this interaction we gain energy and knowledge. Gazing at other worlds has the same effect as going to a beautiful place on this world, it brings in more energy through the Divine Star and enhances all of the chakras. This excess of energy is then spilled from the chakras to others around. It goes into the earth, into the individual, into the others in that person’s life, both physically and emotionally. It spills into the solar system and the galaxy, even the Universe.

The Universal Gateway
chakra this is the universal aspect of Being. All is one universal flow, this is our way of becomingone with that flow. It is our access point to the Divine, a point that we can use to feel closer with the Universe and all that it is.

The Stellar Gateway chakra is located above the Divine Star and is linked to our sun and solar system.  It exists just above the earth if it all, some have not activated it and are unaware of its existence.

The Divine Star
chakra governs your link to higher powers and god and is responsible for the flow and regulation of universal rays into one’s conscious mind.  It is 20 cm above the head and its color is Gold. Energy flows through this and filters up and down to the other chakras. It is the keys tone in the chakras. It is a direct connection to The Source aka the 11th dimension where all energy comes from.

The Soul Star
chakra governs the force of inspiration, allows vision of the soul into the conscious mind. It’s location is that it shines like a star from the center of ones being and can be visualized as 8cm above the head, its color is Pearly white.

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The earth star chakra holds all of our ancestral and race histories and is a vibrating field of light that is imperceptible to the human eye. It is located about 11-12 inches below our feet. Think of our earth star chakra as the layer of our subtle body that is shared with Mother Earth and all of humanity. This chakra is personal and sensitive to the collective consciousness of humanity. It is located somewhere in the range between twelve and thirty-six inches below the soles of the feet.

The earth star chakra purpose is to anchor and align the body and soul to the planet and grounds deeply into the earth's consciousness to assist us in evolving our human realities.

This chakra is said to house the soul seed or birth-plan made prior to your current incarnation and  is also the keeper 
of memories from previous life times and holds ties to karma and karmic influences.

As we clear and balance our earth star chakra we assist in clearing and balancing the energies of fear from the planet , we become part of the process of healing humanity. As we vibrate collectively into higher and higher dimensions of being, it will become moreand more common to work with these chakras as a means of grounding  our physical and etheric body down into mother earth herself.

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