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Nisya Shakti
​Meteorites are Sacred Gifts from others Plans of Existence and have amazing Multidimensional vibrations... Meteorites represent the Energy of others Realms, allow for the access of this Special Energy and gather the Loving Energy of Unknown Cultures, allowing for the realization that We are ONLY Guests on this Planet...

One of my favorite pendant... 

The Flower of life pendant is excellent for healing and it helps in connecting you to your higher self. The Flower of Life contains ALL Patterns of the Creation as They emerged from the Great Void...

http://www.nisyaspiritualhealer.com/flower-of-life-the-whole universe.html 

Many reported spiritual, physical and psychological changes from wearing regulary a Flower of Life pendant... They experienced increased heart beat,  dissolution of illusions, seeing the reality for what it is and freedom from deep seated fears...
*​Beautiful  crystals necklace ~
Rose quartz, clear crystal, turquoise stone and pearls

"Thank You Beautiful Caroline for your Gift"

                            Rudraksha combined with the Ankh

Ankh... symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life and powerful symbol that was created in the Ancient Egypt... The loop of the Ankh is held by the Gods. It is associated with Isis and Osiris in the Early Dynastic Period. The Loop of the Ankh also represent the feminine discipline or the (Womb), while the elongated section represent the masculine discipline or the (thingy). These two sacred units then come together and form life. Because of its powerful appeal, the Ankh was used in various religious and cultural rituals involving royalty. The circle symbolizes eternal life and the cross below it represents the material plane...
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Wearing a stone/crystal /rudraksha necklace attracts Divine
Consciousness, which is emitted through the aura field and the whole body...


Energy Healing With A Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant
 Improved o Health and Increase  the Quality of Life...

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Pendant Health Benefits :

Increases energy
Slows down the aging process
Prevents the clumping of cells
Helps fight cancer cells
Protects your DNA from damage
Enhances the nutrition of your cells
Detoxes the cells
Increases your body’s immune system
Destroys bacteria and viruses
Reduces inflammation in the body
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