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How to know when You are manifesting your Soul Power ?

We all desire a joyful, peaceful and abundant life and we enhance our life experience by knowing when we are manifesting our soul-power. Everyone is manifesting soul-power in greater or lesser measure,

but how do we know when we are living according  to the vision and mission of our soul  ?

We know we have a soul. Let us feel that our soul is a sweet, innocent a
nd beautiful young child. This inner child is pure and perfect.In a way, it is vulnerable because it relies only on us to care for it and nourish it in its own way. 

Within our body the soul has chosen a very beautiful place to reside. We have the physical heart and inside the physical heart is the spiritual heart.It is where the soul makes its sacred temple, thus our body can be called the temple of our soul. 

Why does the soul enter into the earth plane and accept the body, mind and heart  ?

The soul enters into the earth-consciousness in order to be a divine messenger for God. The soul carries all of our thoughts, feelings and inspirations to God immediately. In other words, the soul has the job of a messenger because it understands our language and it also understands Gods language.The soul deliberately becomes bound within the body consciousness in order to help transform the consciousness of humanity to a higher place.

We manifest our soul-power through our body, mind and heart. Following are examples of the kinds of experiences you may have when you are manifesting your soul-power. 

Soul power is that part of your being that spontaneously connects to the creative Source. A musician may reach beyond barriers of language, culture and mental comprehension. He or she can inspire emotions that lift the listener to new and higher experiences in the realm of sound and silence.

Soul power is your inner voice that you hear while running a marathon of 26.2 miles 
and when coming to the 18th mile, it feels that you have hit the proverbial wall. That powerful inner voice urges you to Go on, go on. You can do it. Never give up. Never give up. When you listen to that voice,  you are at one with your soul and it will lead you from victory to victory.

Soul power is that part of you that allows you to feel the truth of a matter. 
It enables you to feel the assurance, courage and capacity o follow your passion. When you follow with intensity, enthusiasm, integrity and wisdom,  new doors open for your exploration. When everything says, Yes to you on the inside, you know you are going in the right direction outwardly. 

Soul-power is that part of you that sometimes lovingly, gently and tenderly encourages you to get up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning to pray and meditate. The souls sweet nudges are punctual, timely, and consistent at the same time, brought to you with loving kindness and light.

Soul power is also that part of you that can be extremely strict, insistent 
and uncompromising, especially when you are experiencing resistance to its messages. At these times you know you must please your soul in its own way because the soul wants only the best for you and constantly encourages you to manifest your highest. 

At every moment you can begin again to awaken the light of your soul, to bring it to the fore with new inspiration, new aspiration, new dedication and new determination. Listen with new intensity and sincerity. By elevating your consciousness, you open yourself to greater receptivity.

It may take courage, but you can align yourself with your souls vision 
and mission, your soul-power. Do this not only for yourself, but also for all of humanity. You can become totally one with your soul.

More than that,
you will be the soul !
You are the soul !
This is your true identity !

By Rijuta Tooker

*Rijuta Tooker is a certified health and life wellness coach and specializes in working with people who want to seamlessly combine their spiritual life with their every-day practical life.She helps people get from where they are now to where they want to go by guiding them to access and embody their inner soul-power, one step at a time. 
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