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There are more fake guides, teachers in the world than stars.
The real guide is the one who makes you see your inner beauty,
not the one who wants to be admired and followed.
Shams Tabrizi

​Emergence with the Divine is the focus of Lightworkers... 

​A person on his/her spiritual Journey understands that
he/she is a Soul ​ with ​a body and not a body with a Soul...
Nisya Shakti


Please, enter ​Nisya Shakti'  Interdimensional  Healing
Room  ONLY  with Light & Love  in your Heart... OMmm~

Sometimes people think that a Multidimensional/Spiritual  Healing
is connected with religion but It is not and can be administered
to a person of any religious or none at all. 

A multidimensional healer, through his/her own spiritual frequency
is able to open their gaze further out into the subtle energy fields and perceive issues connected to the patient at multiple  vibrationa
l levels... 

The Healing  occurs on multiple layers of the energy field helping to
activate, to expand conscious awareness and to accelerate personal
growth .


To describe myself and make it short... I am a  "Starseed, Divinely Guided born Lightworker  and a  Conscious Channel... I really enjoy to provide Quantum Light Healing, Celestial Activations, Chakras Alignments & Attunements to restore Human 'Templates...

In this "now" incarnation, my soul’s Purpose is Healing, Awakening and Activating Human Beings for a Ascension.

​Before giving an healing, I always create a Sacred Space
around "the Patient" 
which is protected by  "Higher Light Beings .
​We ... Lightworkers,  must have a positive mind state before we
begin an healing session because, we communicate with patients,  
and negative energy can only damage Them...

A Multidimensional Healing is a Peaceful
Process ​of allowing your Higher Self to Shine...
Nisya Shakti 
This Interdimensional Healing Room is Guarded by my Galactic Family...

Sound and vibrations can
​help to activate your DNA

 *528 Hz frequency
has the ability to activate
or to heal damaged DNA.​


Entities are life forms and sometimes follow your essence from precious life, that can bring negative effects on this present life... From this can result a very weak emotional state like stress, fear, anger and anxiety... 

Negative entities feed off of energy, leave you feeling drained, unhappy, unsettled... they are able to access holes in the auricfield,
​ just want to cause you pain and suffering... 

​For many people, the most common reason for reading Tarot or Oracle is to divine the future, but, for me, a *reading is more a part of an healing... When, the patient and I, together start... I directly connect consciously with the Multidimensional Energies of the Divine for insight and guidance and, Him/Her unconsciously also connect with the Elementals through the process of centering and grounding... By this way, the reading is very intuitive and much more then a than a *regular reading'... 
Many Patients very often ask me :
- Nisya, what does mean spiritual ascension and consciousness ?

To make it short, spiritual ascension is the process of passing from one state of consciousness to another, let say mind expanding and no more focus on the little self but the goal to become a multidimensional galactic Being to attain the universal consciousness...

*To be conscious means aware of and able to attend to stimuli within the inhabitants' own dimension. The third dimensional self is conscious of what can be perceived by the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell...

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In the Healing Room...

After a session and for about 2 hours, an amazing 
thick white entity  was gently floating on the 


Meteorites are Sacred Gifts from others Plans of Existence, have Amazing Multidimensional vibrations and represent the Energy of others Realms, allow for the access of this Special Energy and gather the Loving Energy of Unknown Cultures, allowing for the realization that We are ONLY Guests on this Planet...

​Our Sacred OM "Home" is where We can find
Ourselves again... again... and again... 
Nisya Shakti

When I charge a picture with Spiritual Energy this will let you know that some"Special Spiritual Energy" charging has already taken place. By doing this,I will make sure that every time you visit  this page, you will get a spiritual boost  just from the Energy I have sent ​into the pictures of this page...
Nisya Shakti​
When I direct Love combined with Force Energy the Healing is just beautiful ..

​A multidimensional healing also called Light work takes place on multiple layers of energy field and incorporates past life and galactic realms...

A multidimensional healer, through his/her own spiritual Journey is able to open their gaze further out into the subtle energy fields and is able to feel issues and fields connected to the person at multiple vibrational levels...

An Healing session varies from person to person from 1 to 2 hours +.

During the session,  the patient  just have to close his/her  eyes, relax his/her body/ mind and not to not focus on the energetic sensations or on what is happening... 

As the healing proceeds, the patient will start to enter a deep peace of mind  and experiencing the feeling of energies flowing through his/her body or in one area, tingly, liquid, ​floating sensations and some more...

Sometimes patients do not feel anything and no matter ! He/she has to relax more to feel and enjoy the session. 

The number of sessions will  depends on the "needs" of the body, ​mind and soul of the person.

*I always  suggest to a patient to do daily meditation to bring out the Energy  that will help her/him in her/his healing  process...

I always start the Healing session by focusing to the chakras and the Energy Field of the patient,  then  scan his/her body in specific areas... 

First, forehead (Ajna chakra) then, chest (Anahata chakra)  with my "wooden sticks" or with my hands and sometimes just ​with my mind. This will  identify the areas  where the energy stuck or is low and read the issues  inscribed in her/him "body mind". I always start the Healing session by focusing to the chakras and the Energy Field (aura) of the patient, then  scan his/her body in specific  areas... first, "forehead  (Ajna chakra) then, chest (Anahata chakra) with my "wooden  sticks" or with my hands  and sometimes just with my mind. This will  identify the areas where the energy stuck or is low and read the issues  inscribed in her/him "body mind".
Divine Energy is unlimited &  when I raise my frequency  to heal or send out Energy,  I just become a Channel...

Unconditional Love is the "Heart of  Divine Creation"

When we raise our vibration through breathing, LOVE and body awareness, the patient  receiving the healing resonates  with the  higher vibrations of the Universe...

In the Universe, there is no space, no time but only Cosmic Energy and Infinite love matters without border, transforming every pain and suffering... 

A spiritual healing  empowers the  individual on Her/His return "Journey" to health Body, Mind & Soul.

​Lightworkers are "Here and Now" for a Divine Purpose as They have  a  "Role to Play" in the Cosmic Plans of Self Realization...  

Lightworkers have to shine their *Light as brightlyas possible to heal and illuminates more Hearts, Minds, Bodies & Souls...

When you are ready to move beyond the 3rd dimension, you must enter first and go through the 4th dimension before you can enter the 5th.... The 4th is a bridge, a purifying filter... It t is the realm of the heart that is filled oneness and love...  The 5th dimension is lighter in frequency,having pure love, cosmic consciousness and an amazing  multidimensional reality...

All healing come from the same Source and Healers act as a channel for Healing Energy.

All Creations are manifest from the Divine and the smallest component exist as Pure Energy.

When I work in conscious cooperation with Multidimensional Healers, "Together, We "work" as an Unified Channel for  *Divine Healing"... 

By Spiritual Healing, the etheric and the physical body can get healed 
Nisya Shakti

Go gently into you Deep Center, this is the only "Place" when You will find Yourself... 


Nowadays, there is so many different names for Energy Healing therapies ! Non-stop appeared a new Name and, *They say to invent a new technique but what you have to realize is that ABSOLUTELY ALL ENERGY/SPIRITUAL HEALING :
*Quantum Healing, Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing and All Others Energy Healing...
*what ever the name you choice to give to your *New Energy Healing technique, THEY ALL use the Power of the SOURCE...
They ALL connect to the Realm of the Source, The Realm OF

A powerful Energy/Spiritual Healing is directed to :
The Meridians
The Chakras 
The Etheric Body, *first layer of the field
The Emotional and Mental energy bodies
The Astral layer 
The Causal body
Spiritual layers of energy field 
5th layer *etheric
6th layer *celestial (Not always accessed...
it depends on the spiritual evolution of the patient and the healer)


*This picture was taken during Laura' Healing by her mother...

*When I work in conscious collaboration with 
Healers,  Together we work 
as Unified Channels for Divine Purpose....
Nisya Shakti
​A part of a Spiritual/Multidimensional healing  is also to share knowledge on Spirituality to provide guidance and more understanding about the real meaning of Life.This, will help him to increase positive energy and awareness to the patient who is suffering from non physical (stress) or physical pains...

Before starting an healing session i always fully surrender the Healing session to the Universe for the Divine Energy to take place and gently i bring the patient to Alpha -Theta Border State... 

Subtle channels and chakras are infused with 'Light and Energy' to energize and transform the whole energy system and are effective for emotional balancing, physical and mental well-being, stress and for spiritual needs.

In the process of spiritua/multidimensional healing, "I" attune to the each layer of aura, cleanse and regenerate it.

Spiritual clearings can also serve to release any blocks that may be holding you back in this lifetime, to release fears, worries, anger, griefs and  to clear old beliefs.

After 3/4 sessions, the person receiving  Light Healing  get a deep positive change in his/her life.

*Pictures was taken by Mr Eddy Santoso.
.                                             Quantum Healing Session

*Look up on the right corner, a big  blue ORB gently floating  around... 

Orbs travel until reaching their desired destination and much more easily where the energy' Lines have already been healed...They increase where there is High Energy Vibrations and be sure that there is a conscious mind behind the orbs... If you look them closely sometimes does appear a face, faces or Group of Spirits' Essence Faces... I think their size  indicates the level of their soul evolution...The bigger the Orb, the more spiritually evolved the Soul  is..
​Multidimensional  Healing is unlimited Divine' Love"
Nisya Shakti

I always fully surrender the Healing for  the  Light to take place and gently i bring the patient to higher states of consciousness... Those states are   optimal ranges for visualization and for using the creative power of the mind. It is the mental state at which we consciously create our reality... At this frequency of mind we are conscious of our surroundings, listening to the healing music but our body is in deep relaxation and at the end of the session I have to help the patient to come back to his/her full alert state by telling "Please... Open your eyes slowly..."
*But, do not worry, the subconscious mind is active throughout the healing and in case of any emergencies I will immediately  returns you to your full alert state...

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

the indescribable-and-ineffable--divine-beauty-surrounds-us.html

Our bodies are composed of two different body types :
~ The physical body is the one we see in the mirror ...
~ the etheric body, the one that we do not see directly...

When the etheric body gets sick, it is due to a depletion of energy, causing the aura of the affected part of our body to be reduced... As the etheric and physical bodies are very related,  both get affected because one body affects the other body ​and vice versa...

*Purple Rays'  came out from my hands

​"Giving  Universal Life Energy through my Heart & my hands"

*Violet is blue mixed with the Higher Vibrations of pink witch  is Unconditional Love..
Rays of Light appear when We are guided by higher consciousness...
Our aura is an emanation from our Soul and the violet color is the Border on the  Cosmic Plane... Those colors are the colors of the causal body and require many lifetimes, spiritual work on the self and service to others to appear within the aura... When I give healing and send Light thought rays, I transfer violet Light with care as It is a too powerful Light ray which can damage the person if transferring in excess. If the patient who receive the healing absorbs too much violet Light, it  can awaken too fast his higher centers of consciousness before spiritually prepared for such centers to be awakened and this can have a very bad effect by causing depression and bad feelings... Few times it happened to me after an healing to get this reaction from patients and it took them 1/2 weeks for cooling down before we can continue... That's  why now i transfer  violet rays only when i feel ​the person is ready  spiritually, physically and mentally..​.
When you help someone lost and confused, when you hold someone who is sad and grieving ; when you hug someone unhappy and hopeless ; you too will feel ​healed and whole.​

​" ( Healing relies on an openness to the whole; a willingness to relinquish whatever frustrates or delays -- mistaken ideas, negative feelings, poor diet, inadvisable lifestyle -- and to accept a wider spectrum of responses with new ideas, experience, and priorities. Healing is communication; and music, in its universal nature, is total communication. In the deepest mysteries of music are the inspirations, the pathways, and the healing which lead to one-ness and unity."

Dewhurst-Maddock, Sound Therapy

Healers can also help their patients by channeling extra Love Energy needed to move them beyond their physical and emotional pains...

We (Healers) must have a positive mind state before we  begin a healing session because we communicate with other people giving them Light Energy and negative energy cannot bring them healing but only damage both  of us, the healer and the patient...
                                                                                   Nisya Shakti

      "Bapak Soepadi Sutowilopo"
 amazing and powerful Javanese Healer
Just relax your body...  shut down your mind... and  take a minute to concentrate on the power of this picture and the Spiritual  Energy 
already ​ ​been charged with..

​Light and Love flow through the healer
 chakras and diseased organs of the patients...​

​Light and love flow into diseased organs of the  sick
patient's body when the healer touched those areas...

​Looking at beautiful pictures is a kind of a meditation and ​ the feelings that result can possibly enhance the immune system, ​stimulating the body’s natural capacity to heal... 
Lightworkers  channel the conduct Divine' LOVE Energy for healing ....

This powerful Love  Energy must be sent by
a positive,healthy and peaceful mind... 

Nisya Shakti

          Understanding the reason of unexplained physical pain(s) 

 Soul memories come from past lives time and can sometimes re~surface in this present life...

All of our  past lives memories are stored within our Spiritual DNA,and are triggered through our chakra system, which is the Source of life energy for our physical and subtles bodies.

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                  May Divine Love and Bliss  fill and free all Hearts...​

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