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The Universe is made up of 1 2 dimensions,
and each  is subdivided into 7 other levels...  

The colors of the 6th dimension are brighter then in the 3th and the 4th dimension, they mix and mingle,  passing through and into each others, creating amazing varieties of colors.

Just as there are seven colors in the rainbow and seven tones in a musical scale, each with a different vibratory rate, there are seven levels of being on the spectrum of creation.

​An understanding of the relationship between chakras and dimensions is key to understanding the transdimensional levels. each chakra is a tollbooth ;  once passed through, you have access to the highway or bridge that intersects ​you with the entirety of that whole dimension... When you pass your consciousness through the chakra, you enter the wonderland of the corresponding dimension.The third chakra connects into the third dimension, the fourth chakra to the fourth dimension and so on. Each chakra is simultaneously both a condense spark and the corresponding dimension and also a portal or gateway to the whole dimension.


Connected into the body through the seventh
chakra  and the crown seat at the top of the head.


While there are many anchor points on the planet,
the main seat of the seventh dimension is India.



The Sixth Dimension 

The superconscious plane of the sixth dimension is situated at the third eye or ajna chakra. Today, saints and sages venerated by men, have lived fully and consciously in this rarified mind strata. The beautiful actinic body of light, that pure inner body exists in the sixth dimension. There were people who once lived in physical bodies and in the fourth dimension and who now live totally in the sixth dimension. It is possible to live without a physical body in this dimension and to still be fully conscious. One lives in his inner body. Temple deities are sixth dimensional beings. When we visit temples and praise or pray to saints,angles, deities of great spiritual power who watch over a certain segment of the third and fourth dimensional consciousness, they actually do hear and see our supplications. Once such beings, some of these beings lived on the earth as a fourth dimensional person, meditating, striving, everything. They achieved a certain realization,mastered a certain area so completely that they earned the right, so to speak, to reign over that inner office after physical death. 
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The seventh dimension 

The seventh dimension is clear inner space, not clear white light, just clear space. It goes on and on infinitely, like an inner sky, like an infinite inner sky. Entering the seventh dimension we enter realms of knowledge resulting from super conscious perceptions of the super conscious itself. The seventh dimension does not look back into the fifth dimension at all. It does not look into the sixth. It does look into the sixth and deeper, into the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth  and fourteenth dimensions which exist in a completely different realm; a different universe so to speak. The seventh dimension is a silent world. It would be the heaven world of the Gods themselves. Their retreat place. All of this takes place within you, within the wonderful mind of man, your mind.
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For in Dreams we enter a World that is entirely Our Own

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