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 In the universal sense, love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites, binds together. It is opposed by the force of repulsion, which is the outgoing cosmic energy that materializes creation from the cosmic consciousness of God. Repulsion keeps all forms in the manifested state through maya, the power of delusion that divides, differentiates, and disharmonizes. The attractive force of love counteracts cosmic repulsion to harmonize all creation and ultimately draw it back to God. Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love; achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings, and are attracted to blissful reunion with God.

​Paramahansa Yogananda, born Mukunda Lal Ghosh, 
was an Indian yogi and guru who introduced millions of westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his book, "Autobiography of a Yogi".

He is considered one of the preeminent Ispiritual figures of modern times...

*Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.

*The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.

*Before embarking on important undertakings, sit quietly , calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit.

*There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first ; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.

*The happiness of one's own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul ; one must try to include, as necessary to one's own happiness, 
the happiness of others.'

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Reincarnation is the law of spiritual evolution. It gives everything a chance to work out its karma (the law of action). Evolution and reincarnation are methods of propelling all creation toward final freedom  in Spirit, held no longer under the natural law of death. 

We are the sum total of the consciousness we ourselves have created over a period of incarnations. This mind, or consciousness, is the supreme force that governs all voluntary and involuntary activities of this bodily factory with its multifarious outputs.

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Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. 
Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.

If we are attuned to God, our perception is limitless, pervading everywhere in the oceanic flow of the Divine Presence.

When the Spirit is known, and when we know ourselves as Spirit, there is no land or sea, no earth or sky... all is He. The melting of everything in Spirit is a state no one can describe. A great bliss is felt... Eternal fullness of joy and knowledge and love.

The love of God, the love of the Spirit, is an all-consuming love. Once you have experienced it, it shall lead you on and on in the eternal realms. That love will never be taken away from your heart. It shall burn there and in its fire you shall find the great magnetism of Spirit  that draws others unto you, and attracts whatsoever you truly need or desire.

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​​Paramahansa Yogananda 

*On Sleep
He greatest love you can experience is in communion with God in meditation. The love between the soul and Spirit is the perfect love, the love you are all seeking. When you meditate, love grows. Millions of thrills pass through your heart... If you meditate deeply, a love will come over you such as no human tongue can describe ;  you will know His divine love, and you will be able to give that pure love to others.
Many human beings say “I love you” one day and reject you the next. That is not love. One whose heart is filled with the love of God cannot willfully hurt anyone. When you love God without reservation, He fills your heart with His unconditional love for all. That love no human tongue can describe... The ordinary man is incapable of loving others in this way. Self-centered in the consciousness of I, me, and mine, he has not yet discovered the omnipresent God who resides in him and in all other beings. To me there is no difference between one person and another ; I behold all as soul-reflections of the one God. I can't think of anyone as a stranger, for I know that we are all part of the One Spirit. When you experience the true meaning of religion, which is to know God, you will realize that He is your Self and that He exists equally and impartially in all beings. Then you will be able to love others as your own Self.

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Paramahansa Yogananda


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