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❤ ​Multidimensional Reading

*Sometimes as a support, the Oracle "Belline" is one of the  magical  "Tool"  I use for a "reading"... 

For many people, the most common reason for reading Tarot or Oracle is to divine the future, but, for me, a *reading is more a part of the healing... When, the patient and I, together start... I directly connect consciously with the Multidimensional Energies of the Divine for insight and guidance and, Him/Her unconsciously also connect with the Elementals through the process of centering and grounding... By this way, the reading is very intuitive and much more then a than a *regular reading'...  

Quotes :
​For many tarot readers, the most common reason is to tell the future to the person, but not for me... As everything is in the present moment, in THE NOW !
I read Oracle as a part of the healing and spiritual guidance... gently I give directions and supports to my beautiful Brothers & Sisters...
Nisya Shakti

When I read Oracle, I’m connecting with the Energies of the Divine for insight, guidance and you also connect with the Elementals through the process of centering and grounding...
Nisya Shakti

The Belline Oracle was invented in the 19th Century by Edmond Billaudot...  At this time of chaos Edmond Billaudot was a famous clairvoyant who predicted  the future to many illustrious figures as Alexandre Dumas, Napoléon III, Eugène Sue, and Victor Hugo.

After he died, however, the Belline Oracle was forgotten and had been well hidden in an attic.  It was only during a home removal that the Oracle  was rediscovered by chance by Beliine. 

The cards would greatly intrigue Belline, who was present the day the Oracle was found. He studied the notes that Billaudot had left, to better understand how it worked. and invented a meticulous method for drawing the cards that made it easier to interpret them...

For the complete Oracle Belline Cards Meaning,  visit :

The 'Oracle Belline" is very intuitive, much more then a regular reading'....

*​I use the Oracle Belline as a very easy  support, helping to seek directions or an answer to any particular questions...  Answers I receive from my Multidimensional "Guidance" are communicated to me through  my clairvoyance and  my senses...

My readings are sincere, very much to the point  and just flow naturally...

"So nice feeling when people leave empowered"... 

​​The 53 cards of the Belline Oracle are divided into 7 groups, of 7 cards each, giving 49 cards that refer to the stars .

The Sun
 is synonymous with success and growth. You will progress on your path. Success is at hand in all your ventures. Your friends will give good advice, and you will have plenty of people around you. You're in good health, and everything is going better for you.

The Moon 
symbolises deceit. Someone might betray you. You don't know where you're going. It can signify passivity or sickness. The Moon is not a good card to draw.

marks change. Income won't be in short supply. In its negative sense, it might be trying to say that you've lost something precious, from which stems the change in your life. The Mercury card mainly signifies newness and evolution.

is the sensual pleasure incarnate in flesh. It's a symbol of harmony, union, a stable family life, and enjoying life, love, or stimulating passion.

means that you will be confronted with difficulty on a social level. Your enemies are many, and there is malice in the air. Mars is a symbol of war, tyranny and conflict. This planet is far from being conciliatory or peaceful.

 is beauty, knowledge, calmness and wisdom. In a game, this card shows that you know when to take a step back, and that you don't just make decisions at random. This is the card of established happiness.

however, marks bad luck. You suffer the blows of fate without knowing when it will all finally be over! Solitude eats away at you, and none of your plans will come to fruition.

3 of the four remaining cards have no link with the planets. These are called the first cards.

They are :

the image of man
symbolising the consultant,

the image of woman
symbolising the consultant,

The last card is BLUE symbolising: 
talisman, protection, freedom, spiritual
awakening etc...



also a talisman and
an important  protection...
The action of cosmic
laws of the Universe.

Many mysteries to break
over this soothing blue card
​ :-)


This  key is a symbol of knowledge which
allows the person 
who possesses it to
open or close a door, to let other people
into the room, to close them in
or to free
The Destiny card brings luck and success
in all areas. 
He who draws this card must
realize that it is an omen of good luck
which they should make the most of by
using the key appropriately.

Luck comes to those who look after it.

Bridge the gap between universal & current self through the many divinatory tools that ‘You’ in your higher wisdom have created just for this !

Divinations 'accuracy' is not about seeing precisely into the future, but into all that makes up the present moment, for this is where you impact the future in meaningful ways !

And in this awareness a ‘reading’ comes back full circle to you ! 
For it is up to you, to use the information in empowering ways !
The task of divination is over after it has helped you see areas and aspects that you may be unable to through the usual processes  and now the responsibility is yours!


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