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​If you Look up at the sky more often, You will discover that, non stop, there are Amazing & Beautiful Celestial Events !
Nisya Shakti​

Many humans do not believe in the "After Life Realms" and in the "Multidimensional/Extraterrestrial Words" but, nowadays, the technology give us the chance to capture with cell phones or any kind of digital cameras outstanding varying pictures of the existence of​ "parallel existence"...​
Nisya Shakti

Orbs are transparent balls of Light... They can appear in a many varieties of different sizes, colors, shapes and as circular lights floating/moving at a high rate of speed...
Nisya Shakti

NO ! Orbs are not Spirits AT ALL !!! but the Energy' being transferred from a dimensional  frequency to  Spirits or Multidimensional Beings to manifest on Earth plane and on parallel frequencies...
Nisya Shakti

*​Multidimensional Beings  (ORBS) are very attracted to my healing work and to the patient !
Nisya Shakti

We saw that the sparkling lights were tiny, transparent bubbles that drifted in the air and sparkled on the grass. We realized that each tiny sparkle was a soul." 
 May Eulitt

Orbs, Mist  and Rays of Light show the Evidence of others  Forms of Life "traveling/ moving/floating"​ through frequencies sand Dimensions...
Nisya Shakti

​​​The Beyond is the Infinite Reality... Be sure that the body dies but the Spiritual Quantum field continues its Journey... 
Nisya Shaktii

in this 3rd dimension reality, Orbs are just electromagnetic energy fields... They can carry entities, Human' Spirits  or others Extraterrestrial life forms reduced to electromagnetic frequencies...
Nisya Shakti 

*Not everyone has the desire to communicate ​with  the Spirits' Kingdom or​ with the Multidimensional Rea
lm, so just do what you feel ready to do !

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​The size and the colour of an Orb show the Soul'  ​Level evolution and its provenance... 

 Nisya Shakti ​​​

Inside Orbs, often,  formless centers  ​of consciousness can be perceived... (Multidimensional/Human/animals faces etc)...

​Orbs are not the only form that Extraterrestrial Beings and Human/Animals Spirits can take on... ​They can appear in many different others forms !
Nisya Shakti

Beautiful Orbs "travel" through dimensions until reaching their desired destination and also more easily where the energy's of the place have been cleaned, and healed...
Nisya Shakti ​​

~*~  I am so very fascinated and amazed by Orbs ~*~

(Nisya Shakti - Inner Communication with Orbs)

Our Multidimensional Family represents many diverse non
physical & physical races of Beings living within others
dimensions and frequencies...
Nisya Shakti

Linked page :

Orbs are not Spirits or Multidimensional Beings in and by themselves, but emanations from Spirits and Multidimensional Beings  moving/traveling or floating through dimensions...
Nisya Shakti

in the 3rd dimension reality, Orbs are just electromagnetic energy fields... They can carry entities, Human' Spirits  or others Extraterrestrial life forms reduced to electromagnetic frequencies...
Nisya Shakti 

Linked page about celestial activities and Orbs :


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DO YOU STILL DOUBT ​ that ​there is conscious mind behind Orbs ???
​​GoforitRANDY  (Randy Clark) & ORBS

Randy Clark lives one year with inter-dimensional beings visiting on a daily schedule. These beings are peaceful beings that can travel at high speed and go though solid objects like walls with no problem. Randy believes these inter-dimensional Beings are Angelic Beings that can travel through multiple dimensions. 


  Pictures by Randy Clark

All these pictures was taken by Randy Clark in different Places...


​*When you connect to the infinite multidimensional planes, it is very important to know what is a  PORTAL..

A portal is a vortex and our  planet has vortex all over it. As you raise your frequency and vibration above fear and allow your Self​ to see beyond 3rd duality’s limiting programming, you give your Self the opportunity to connect to the portals that the Orbs are using to connect with you.

What is so amazing and intriguing is that inside an Orb, sometimes appeared clear faces or amazing shapes...

​Spirits of our loved departed
Ones, also Multidimensional
Beings really want to show
up that They  are "HERE, just living in a different form...

Its me... Can you feel me ?
Its me.... I am Here...
I still alive in a different form...

Many time I have seen orbs with humans or animals' facial features inside, sometimes both and  sometimes multiple faces...

In the healing room after a session, an amazing  thick White Entity was floating on the celling...

Most of the time Orbs appear as a white transparent
or colored spheres surrounded by a thick ring 
sometimes shows substance and  different forms...




​                                                    FACT :

ORBS have been investigated by Dr Miceal Ledwith, that under controlled conditions showed that orbs are not reflected light but what is known in physics as ”fluoresence”.
...also investigated by Dr Klaus Heinemann PHD of NASA and UCLA, experimental physicist, under controlled conditions using multiple cameras showed that orbs have intelligence when asked to appear on camera under the direction of the photographer.

​*Orbs "travel, move, live" slowly or quickly and rarely appear alone but by pair or in group...  They move at high speed and go though walls and solid objects...

* ​Many people are skeptical of the orbs and maintain that Orbs are dust ​or an effect of the camera ...
*Someone wrote this about orbs :
Multiple orbs in a single photo or video are most likely dust motes...
Can the dust theory be proved ?  YES ! Just take your digital camera outside and throw some dust out in from of the lens and presto, multiple orbs will appear in the picture ! Note ; the dust has to be with in 4 inches of the lens to appear as orbs in the photo.You can also take a spray bottle to simulate humidity and spray directly out in from of the lens. Result will once again be multiple orbs.Our conclusions are that dust particles reflect light from the flash and appear as perfectly round balls of light in the photo.
Try it !"

                                     *When i read this, I just...  Smile...
                                                           W I N K 

Inside Orbs, often and very clearly I have seen  and
​recognized faces from persons i knew in their human forms... 
*Orbs increased where there is High Energy Vibrations...
Nisya Shakti

*Orbs' color depend on the aura of the Entity' Soul...
Nisya Shakti​

​                  I am so very grateful to You Sayang for your still care :-)
                                                       Communication with an Evolved Spirit (Orb)

Spirits and Multidimensional Beings sometimes also manifest with electrical items like cell phone, digital camera, computer, etc...  It has to do with and their resonance and frequencies and,  sometimes They also  can change their vibrational frequencies to match and connect...


Sometimes, Orbs may show up around a person
​just because the Spirit/Entity is connected or
attracted to this person for a particular reason.

​Orbs really like to be closed to their Beloved
Ones and just want to be seen to tell  :

Hellooo....... look at Me.........
I am Here, We are Here !!!
Look at me, look at Us !!!.......
I still alive in a different form
Hi Hi Helloo ! Look !!!  Its Me !!!​

​*The picture below  was taken
​ in the healing room during a session

The size of an Orb shows the level of the soul evolution... 

*From my experience as a Lightworker, many times I have seen
Orbs or Healers from other planes of consciousness  present
to assist my healing work ...

*This picture was taken by Eddy Santoso

​"Amazing big green/blue Orb  gently appeared in
the Healing room while giving a Quantum Healing...

​Beautiful Bright Blue Orbs  
​(Original color)

​NDE = Near-death experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
​NDE Testimony Involving Orbs 

There are a number of references to orbs in the near-death experiences that are profiled on this website. Here they are :
"My first OBE was when I was about 20 years old and was in a cabin on a oil rig 100 miles off the coast of Scotland. I was aware of a spinning orb of red and yellow. I left my body and entered the orb. I watched myself struggling to call out to my mate. He was on the bottom bunk. I returned to my body and told no one of the experience for fear of ridicule." (Chris Taylor)
Dr. Eben Alexander's NDE Orb Experience 
"Then everything changed and the scene stayed the same but I became aware. Again in looking back on it, that was my awareness of a Divine presence of incredibly indescribable, kind of a superpower of divinity. Then we went out of this universe. I remember just seeing everything receding and initially I felt as if my awareness was in an infinite black void. It was very comforting but I could feel the extent of the infinity and that it was, as you would expect, impossible to put into words. I was there with that Divine presence that was not anything that I could visibly see and describe, and with a brilliant orb of light. [Note: Here Dr. Alexander begins to call his female companion the "Orb," as she was transformed into an orb of light which guided him to the presence of God]. 
There was a distinct sensation from me, a memory, that they were not one and the same. I don't know what that means. In my awareness, when I say I was aware, this goes far, far beyond the consciousness of any one - this is not Eben Alexander's consciousness aware of being in that space. I was far beyond that point, way beyond any kind of human consciousness, and really just one consciousness. When I got there they said that I would be going back, but I didn't know what that meant. They said there were many things that they would show me, and they continued to do that. In fact, the whole higher-dimensional multiverse was that this incredibly complex corrugated ball and all these lessons coming into me about it. Part of the lessons involved becoming all of what I was being shown. It was indescribable. (Dr. Eben Alexander)
Linked website :

Beautiful  white Orbs passing by In my bedroom~


​Triangle bright green/blue Little Being
dont you think that It looks like a little craft ?...

​​Amazing Strange Being with many faces withim
*Hello.... I just passing by to say Hi"....
​At Night, In the garden ​@Home Sweet Om

Amazing Orb fluo suddenly appeared on the wall of my bedroom...

It is amazing that we cannot allow ourselves to trust the same power that holds galaxies together to also handle our lile lives.” 
                         Swami Khecaranatha, Merging With The Divine


​Video :

"RODS" also called Skyfish or Solar Entities are a Multidimensional life forms...

Of course many claimed that Orbs and Rods are just dust or regular moths, other ordinary flying insects, even an optical illusion created by the slower recording speed of the camera... Hehehe... 

Open your consciousness people and you will discover that YOU

 *Earth planet has multidimensional vortex all over it and, as we rise our vibrations & frequency above fear, we allow ourselves to see beyond the third dimension duality’s limiting programming and we allow ourselves to connect to the portals that the Orbs/Rods and Others Multidimensional Beings are using to connect with Us...
Nisya Shakti

​                       MIST or VAPOR MIST MANIFESTATIONS

Mists or vapors mist, shows the  evidence of Multidimensional manifestation (Humans' Spirits or Beings from oters planes of existence).
Mist/vapors mist shows up as a thick fog/smoke  or seemingly swirling that appears with Orbs or with apparition at the beginning or the end of a multidimensional manifestation...  Faces and bodies sometimes clearly manifest within the ectoplasmic mist... 
Ectoplasmic mist can appear in many colors but the most common is white/tranparent.... 

*Ectoplasm (from the Greek ektos, meaning "outside", and plasma, meaning "something formed or molded") is a term coined by Charles Richet[1] to denote a substance or spiritual energy "exteriorized" by physical mediums.[2]Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of spirits.[3] Ectoplasm is considered to be a hoax, made from cheesecloth, gauze or other natural substances.

After an healing session, a peaceful Higher
Multidimensional Being appeared to me as mist... 

*channeled by mirror reflection


Huge Multidimensional Light Beings activity on the top of my home...

*Pure White Light of the Alpha and Omega represents
the Divine Consciousness, completeness, inner harmony
and a direct "link"to Higher Plans of existence... 
Nisya Shakti

​                Linked website about Rays of Light & Colors

Rays are all energy. Whether you say there are seven, or seventy-seven thousand, or a million the concept is what matter. Rays are described as colours because you understand colour. You understand a Ray as a beam of light. But in reality they are not light. They are beyond your understanding. Yes, they are energy that is passed down, but if it was light, you would see it every day. But you do not. So giving them colours is a device to aid understanding, to give them a structure and order for you to hopefully gain the knowledge that is necessary... 


In the afternoon, a beautiful Purple Ray appeared in my bedroom~

​A very strange Light Beings was hanging on the ceiling of the terrasse

Huge White Rays of Light appeared at different Moment in my bedroom or on the top of my OM (Home)...

​*Pure White Light of the Alpha and Omega 
represents the Divine Consciousness and the sign for inner harmony, completeness and a direct connection to Higher Plans of existence...

​Huge  Big Rays of Light & Orbs passing by ...*In my bedroom @ different moments
In the middle of the Night, 2 Big Rays of
White  Pure Light gently fell down on my bed...

​In the middle of the night, 2 Big Rays of White Pure Light gently fell down on my bed accompanied by *EVP manifestation on the TV screen...

What is EVP ?
EVP manifestations are sounds or images or both @ the same time found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as Spirit or multidimensional Beings voices /images that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded...
A Beautiful Yellow Ray of Light passing by in the front of me...
This picture was taken just before the Light Being appeared...

Many people dont believe in the After Life Realm but, nowadays, the technology give us the chance to capture (with cell phones or with any kind of cameras) outstanding varying pictures of the existence of​a "parallel Life"...

*Not everyone has the desire to communicate ​with  the  Spirits' Kingdom or​ with the Multidimensional Realm, so just do what you feel ready to do !...

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