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Surrender to WHAT IT IS, invite and Welcome
your Higher Self into your daily life...

Nisya Shakti

We are Multidimensional Beings on
​the "Edge" of ascension and evolution ~

Nisya Shakti

Now, We are "HERE" to help our Higher Self to expand~
Nisya Shakti

In this lifetime, "my mission" is
to remind You about Your connection to
Your  Higher Self and to help you to move
​ forward into the 5th dimension...

Nisya Shakti

Unconditional Love, sincerity and pureness
are the "Keys" to open the "Gateway to
the Multidimensional Reality"...
When  this "Light' Gate" will start to open
you will see more and more  synchronicities
 and a new vision will appeared at your horizon...

Nisya Shakti

Unconditional Love is the  "Heart of Divine Creation"
Nisya Shakti

​When I illuminate my Soul, "I AM"...  
Nisya Shakti

​"I AM" is this pure Moment where I can 
sense that my Soul is eternal. ..  and,
like a comet born in the outer Realms

of the Multiverse... It  keeps on traveling
on the "Edge of Time"

Nisya Shakti

Unconditional and Pure Love
​ is the reflection of Eternity...

It has no Beginning and it has no End...
Nisya Shakti

Sometimes i become so powerfully present
in the"Moment"​ that I forget everyone
and everything around me... 
Nisya Shakti

​" I AM "

 is the power of the Divine in you ! 
Affirmations :
I am a Multidimensional & an Eternal Being
and ​I determine my Own Destiny... 
Nisya Shakti

Go gently into you Deep Center, this is
the only "Place" when You will find Yourself...
Nisya Shakti

When we are quiet and at peace, 
we are able to hear our Guidance...

Nisya Shakti

​* Very often, many of my BeLoved Sisters tell me :

- Nisya, I dont find my mission, i dont even know what my mission is...
- My Dear, the process of finding your spiritual mission is like making an intricate puzzle, you find pieces along your "Journey"... sometimes, are you not surprised to see how pieces fit together ?... so... If you go more often to your deep beautiful "Center", the picture of your "mission" will start to appear... to take form... Trust what you feel and, when finally your spiritual puzzle will be complete, you will awaken and peacefully "enter the mission... Your Mission" you came to this lifetime to do or to complete... Just be conscious that there is nothing outside of yourself but within...  Nisya Shakti

Each Spiritual Journey  is unique... When you are on the right path you feel a permanent deep inner peace... and, you "use" only the feeling of unconditional Love as the Central Point of all connections...   Nisya Shakti
*I am who I am ... a Divinely Conscious guided born  Lighworker, Starseed, Channel of Light and a spontaneous mystic ... I have this "Special Thing" which had flew over the years due to very deep spiritual and multidimensional experiences with my Galactic Family... I really enjoy to provide Quantum Light and Celestial Activations, Chakras Alignments and Attunements to restore Human' Templates...
My Soul’s Purpose is Healing, Awakening and Activating Human Beings for a Ascension... I have the understanding of what is the true meaning of Life and what I am doing "Here & Now" on this heavy plane of existence, the 3rd Dimenson ... I did not learn anything through studying, it just came naturally  to me...   
I am Free... I am....
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What  does mean Spirituality ? 

It is :...
* discovering the Essence of your Being,
* connecting with the Divine Energy,
* the process of realizing Oneness with All there is, 
and raising  our vibrations to open ourselves 
​to different levels of consciousness.

Nisya Shakti

*It may be be confusing for you to know how to activate,
reconfigure oradjust your genetic template coding to
the highernew consciousness butwhat you will need first
is a total awareness...
(and may be help from a multidimensional healer)...
.. and... when you will embrace your new way of Being,
You will exist OVERyour old limited and trapped
​ human 3D consciousness...

(Nisya Shakti)

Every morning I have a ritual...
 I start my day with a  delicious cup
of coffee 
and gratitudfe...
Nisya Shakti

Gratitude unlocks the Fullness of Beauty in "Everything"
Nisya Shakti

skype : nisya.healer
I always speak the truths of my Soul, living a
​peaceful  "Journey" with clean mind and heart...
Nisya Shakti

Be Peaceful, Calm and Breath
​ Deeply in the Present Moment...
Nisya Shakti

are Amazing Planets where unconsciously
We are traveling on​ the Edge of Light...
Nisya Shakti

The Universe has a 'golden ratio'
that keeps "Everything" in order... 
Nisya Shakti

We are eternal souls of LOVE and LIGHT
having an human experience, where our consciousness spirals down through
​ the patterns of the Golden Ratio...

Nisya Shakti

​I am grateful to remember who I am... 
Nisya Shakti​

​Be grateful to be who You are...
​An Eternal Consciousness...

Nisya Shakti

What many called "beauty"
is simply a Light in the Heart... 

Nisya Shakti​​
" Shhhhhhh....
I  grow in the silence of my Heart..."
Nisya Shakti

...The wind feels against my skin...
 A part of me is out of my body, flying
"There" in the immensity of my Soul...
Nisya Shakti

I am...
Deep in my Inner Center... I am...
I am
the Universe, the Divine...
I am a part of the Whole...
​I am... Here and Now...
Simply I am...
Nisya Shakti​

Dreams can come true because
mine did since I found myself... 

Nisya Shakti

Time in itself, absolutely does not exist ; it is always relative to some observer or some object... Without a clock I say 'I do not know the time' . Without matter time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter;and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real.
 John Fowles, Áristos

Life is a constant wheel of change on this Timeline... Today, my physical identity celebrate what we call "here"  a birthday but I cannot count how many millions years my soul is...
Nisya Shakti

I am conscious that We are all One and attempt to honor this Oneness.
Nisya Shakti

We all are "Here"  to help our
​ Higher Self to grow and expand !
Nisya Shakti
Celebrate your differentness ! Express Yourself and
​DO NOT FEAR because you are different and just Unique..
This is so fine to be different !!!
Affirmation of the day :
"Yeees !!! "Here & Now" in this incarnation I came
to experience wonder, to spread Love, Light, Joy
and not to be formated and trapped in this world of illusions"...
​Nisya Shakti
​*Multidimensional Healing is the process
of allowing
your Higher Self to shine...
Nisya Shakti

When we raise our vibration through 
breathing,  LOVE and body awareness
the patient  receiving the healing resonates 
with the  higher vibrations of the Universe...

Nisya Shakti

​Purple color is charged with Higher Spiritual Vibrations
and Infinite Unconditional Love... It is Beauty,
Mystery and Divine s Connection...
Nisya Shakti

Purple is a color that people love or hate ! ...
Nisya Shakti

Surrender is bringing the YES into the NO
and a profound space of acceptance..
Nisya Shakti
~*~ I always let L O V E  be my Guiding Light ~*~
Nisya Shakti

Let my soul smile through my heart  and
my heart smile through my eyes, that
​I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.
Paramahansa Yogananda
We All always have so many things to be thankful for...
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