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MerKaBa means the spirit/body surrounded
by counter rotating fields of light,(wheels within wheels), 
spirals of energy as in DNA, 
which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.

Mer means Light
Ka means Spirit
Ba means Body
The Merkaba holds the Divine Consciousness of our Soul that lives in our Seed Atom within our Thymus in attunment with the Entire Cosmos... 

This seed or Crystal Heart is located between our 4th and 5th chakras in our Thymus area... 

In the pure Heart of Gaia, our beautiful Earth contains crystals, dust, liquid, light, gel and ALL resonate with the beautiful music of the spheres... When they align, there is a beautiful harmonic convergence that causes enough sun light to glow through these crystals in our bodies and in the Heart of Mother Earth to cause these cells to unite, harmonize and become One...


​*We have to know that Merkaba spins 10 times the speed of light in order to hold each dimension in balance with each of the other dimensions...

This seed or Crystal Heart is located between
our 4th and 5th chakras 
in our Thymus area... 

Understanding the Merkabah and Inter-Dimensional Travel  :
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Waking Times

The Merkabah Vehicle is the means for travelling to higher dimensional planes and for ascending the physical body out of the 3rd dimension. Our Merkabah Vehicle is in essence our own inter-dimensional star-craft – similar to the structure in the Contact movie, albeit far more complex. The degree to which we have assembled our Merkabah Vehicle, will determine how far we can progress through the Astral Planes and whether we are able to use the interstellar and intergalactic wormholes.
As we awaken to our higher dimensional selves and engage in conscious astral travel, we begin to ‘build’ our Merkabah. This process is also greatly assisted by vibratory cleansing, emotional healing, karmic transmutation and the detoxification of harmful substances from our bodies.This then activates dormant DNA strands within our Being and our Light Body is activated. The fully activated Light Body has the means to build around itself a geometric structure out of etheric particles that facilitates movement between different dimensional spheres.

​*We have to know that Merkaba spins 10 times the speed of light in order to hold each dimension in balance 
with each of the other dimensions

​​Clear Quartz helps to amplify the Merkaba vibration...

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​Merkaba crystal is the Divine Light "vehicle"  to help to connect with and to reach higher realms...

With its very high vibration, clear quartz also called "Master Healer" is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals and the sacred geometry inherent in the structure of Quartz combined  with the sacred geometry of the Merkaba  create a very powerful energy...

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