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The Veil between Dimensions


The veils between our world and other worlds are very thin, enabling us to go between dimensions. This experience of moving between dimensions is not new for Nisya, as she has had many experiences doing this since her childhood. However, this year on the 21st of April was totally different. Her plan was to celebrate her birthday with many friends, but around 10am she had an out of body experience. Several of her friends came to her home with gifts, but when they arrived, Nisya couldn’t meet them because she wasn’t in her body. Strangely, she could still hear everything they said as they chatted to her maid who answered the door and told her friend’s that she’d gone out.

This out of body experience didn’t end until around 6:00pm that day. Nisya stayed in her bedroom unable to move as she experienced visitations from many people from another dimension who came to wish her a happy birthday. While she wasn’t in her physical body, Nisya said that she was aware of everything from the street noises to her friends who kept arriving and leaving. Around 7pm, someone opened the gate. She heard a voice calling out, “Nisya, Nisya, happy birthday, open the door.”

She opened the door and her friend asked, “What happened to you?” She was surprised to see Nisya in such disarray.

“I have the flu,” Nisya lied, because in that moment she couldn’t really explain to her friend that she’d had an out of body experience and had just returned to full consciousness only moments before.

Nisya’s  birthday marked a new level of consciousness. Since then she feels like she is here but not here. At night, she connects with another dimension in her dreams which aren’t really dreams. When she wakes up in the morning, she can remember the smell from the place she visited the night before.

“It’s like I have two lives – my life here in this reality and my life in another dimension.”

When Nisya first arrived at this place, the light and colors were a blinding brightness that she had never experienced before. There was also a huge door the size of a house that was decorated with wood carving with unusual symbols and gold embossing. There were also many beautiful stones in a multitude of colors that don’t exist in this reality.

For three consecutive years before she ever visited this dimension, Nisya would wake up and see 00:00 on her clock. At the time she had no idea that this was actually the special code that was required for her to enter into the other dimension.

At night Nisya often sees many multi-dimensional beings that have a strong desire to communicate with her. She has even taken several photos of these beings as evidence of their existence. One night she was lying in bed when she heard a soft voice asking her to take a picture. She had her mobile phone next to her, so she took a photo around 6pm and then fell into a deep sleep. She woke up at 6am the next day, got up, made her coffee and still didn’t remember that she had taken a photo. Then she brought her coffee to bed and saw her phone beside her. She looked at her phone noticing with surprise that she’d taken a photo, but she couldn’t see it clearly, so she transferred it to her computer. The image was of a man’s golden head which had a sculpted appearance. According to Nisya, he is also a healer from another dimension, who has come here to help our planet. He gave her many messages, but the one that made a big impact on her was how our planet would totally transform in 100 years – we would no longer be in this third dimension.

“People have to raise their vibration now, so that they can move to the fourth and fifth dimension. All people who die now who have not succeeded in raising their consciousness will not anchor again on earth. Instead, they will reincarnate on another planet. In 100 years, the earth will be very peaceful and only those who have raised their vibration will reincarnate on earth.”

This was the message that Nisya received from the multi-dimensional being that she had photographed. She believes that that this message is true and felt that it’s vital to share this message with the world. “I asked them why do you come to me?” They said, ‘We don’t come to you; you are a part of our multidimensional reality.’”

The process which occurs for Nisya as she moves from this dimension to the next is quite interesting. Nisya described how when she lies down, she starts to feel and hear a vibration rising up from her first chakra. Suddenly the vibration moves up her spine and continues all the way up to her crown chakra. Afterwards, she gets a very strange feeling like there are no bones in her skull. This is not comfortable, but she said that she’s gotten used to it.
Nisya contends that a big shift which began in 2012 will continue until 2017. During this time we have an immense chance to evolve. Some spiritual gurus and psychics say this is the period of ascension as we are given the opportunity to raise our vibrations in preparation for our move to a higher dimension. I can honestly say that I have been experiencing many interesting shifts in my own energies as well as many others who I encounter in my daily life including my family, friends and clients. My own psychic abilities have greatly increased and I have lost all desire to eat meat. Weeks before my husband came home and said he no longer wanted to eat meat. It’s as though many people in the world, including Nisya, are opening up to a new expanded awareness which is a catalyst for a whole new life and way of being. As more people choose this path of consciousness the world around us will also evolve into a place of pure light, beauty and peace. Now is the time for change.

For more information about Nisya’s healing and upcoming workshops, please email: nisyashakti#gmail.com or visit: www.nisyaspiritualhealer.com

Michele is a healer, transformational coach, hypnotherapist & teacher who specializes in transforming people’s lives using a variety of tools. She receives direct transmissions from her guides, enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues and assist them with resolution. She has lived on Bali for 13 years & incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique healing & coaching practice, providing a transformational healing experience for everyone she encounters www.spiritweaverjourneys.com

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The Enchanted Sticks 


As Nisya opened the door I instantly felt her energy and knew that she would be able to help me. I admired her long flowing black hair and gentle demeanor. She led me to her healing room which was decorated in rich hues of maroon and purple, inviting all who enter to exhale and feel totally at ease. 

Our session began with an oracle reading for guidance about the general influences in my life. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cards indicated that I had no obstacles and could easily manifest whatever I wished in my life at this moment in time. Afterward, Nisya asked me to lie down on a mattress where she does here healing sessions. She has several sticks which she utilizes in her healing sessions. Her intuition told her that I needed a chakra clearing and balancing which I knew I definitely required, as I had gotten a bit drained from my own healing work. I could feel the energy shifting as she was guided by the stick she held to press on different parts of my body to release blockages and balance my energetic system. She also placed several crystals on my stomach and chest to enhance the healing energies. By the end of our session I could feel a noticeable difference. My energy was much lighter and my solar plexus chakra felt more open where as before it had been quite tight and constricted.

Nisya spent the first 12 years of her life in France living with her grandmother. As a child, Nisya remembers that when she was around 3 years old, she played in her bedroom with a blonde haired boy and girl who were the same age as her. Her grandmother always saw Nisya talking to herself, because she couldn’t see the children, so one day she asked her who she was talking to. It was at this point that Nisya realized that they weren’t alive and that other people couldn’t see them in the way that she could. As Nisya grew the children also grew in age. They would come to school with her and even eat biscuits that she had given them. By the time Nisya was seven years old, she didn’t see them again. Her abilities as a psychic naturally developed and Nisya began getting flashes of other people’s lives. Her first encounter with healing occurred at school when a friend fell down during gymnastics and sprained her ankle. Nisya immediately went to help her friend, intuitively holding her ankle in her hands. The friend could feel something happening, and then the pain was gone.

By the age of 15, Nisya began doing card readings for her friends. She never felt frightened by her visions or her abilities to heal others, because it all felt quite natural for her. After she got divorced at the age of 19, she became very spiritual and began a mentorship with Bapak Soepadi Soetowilopo, who was the personal healer and clairvoyant for the sultan of Yogykarta. He had many special abilities which included having the power to stop the rain and astral travel. Nisya recalls several occasions when he visited her without her knowledge. Later this would be confirmed as he would send her a sms accurately telling her exactly what she’d been wearing and doing when he visited her at her home.

Before he died in 2008, he gifted Nisya with several wooden sticks that are imbued with spirits which she now regularly uses in her healing practice. He taught her many things about how to kill her ego, deepen her spiritual practice and protect herself using special mantras, but he didn’t really teach her how to heal, as she was already born with this gift. Two sticks were also given to her by her grandmother, who died before she could explain to Nisya their purpose. Her mentor gave her ‘Soeleman’ – the king stick which is inhabited by a Sufi Spirit that works with Nisya during her healing sessions.

“I can order what I want from Soeleman for other people but not for me. If I say that I want to transfer energy to the other side of the planet, then it will be so. When I work with Soeleman I have a special contract. I say a mantra and then the stick becomes heavy, guiding my hand to where it needs to go.”
Nisya has an astonishing photo of a young girl that she was working on which was taken by the mother with just a mobile phone camera. The Spirit of Soeleman can be clearly seen working at the girl’s feet. The girl was paralyzed when she was very little and had a permanent limp which caused her to walk in an abnormal hunched over position. After her healing sessions with Nisya, her problem was about 80% corrected giving her greater mobility and confidence.

Each stick has a different energy which serves a special purpose for healing a particular ailment or problem. Wide, which is a female spirit is used for working on the auras and the chakras. “Sometimes after a healing people wake up saying, ‘I saw you with black hair!’ but I tell them you didn’t see me, you saw Wide. She appears with long black hair and always with white clothes.”

The wood that Wide was made from comes from a tree that only grows in a cemetery, so only a few people have access to it. The other sticks Nisya uses are made from a variety of wood like Nagasari, which is very light. She chants a special mantra which invokes the spirit to inhabit the stick. Two of her sticks are made from Nagasari but one floats while the other sinks when placed in water, because they have two different energies - ying and yang.

Nisya never knows what stick she will use, as she is just guided to take the one that is needed for the person at that time. Sometimes many spirits will appear during a healing session which will work through Nisya to help her clients. She uses her stick called ‘Weggig’ only for children.

“If they have a disease or problem with concentration at school, it helps to balance their mind so that they can focus.”

The sticks that Nisya was given by her grandmother remain a mystery and have no names. Even so, she says the same mantras that she uses for the sticks given to her by Bapak Soepadi and the spirits also enter these sticks during her healing sessions. Nisya is a spontaneous mystic, spiritual seeker and gifted healer who utilizes several shamanic tools such as sticks, crystals and a special oil blend that she has created to facilitate healing for others.

“Divine energy is unlimited and when I raise energy to heal or send out energy for a particular thing, I just become the channel.”

For more information please contact Nisya by emailing: nisya_healer@yahoo.com.
Michele Cempaka is an internationally renowned energy healer, teacher and writer who specializes in transforming people’s lives using a variety of tools such as spiritual counseling, Reiki, energy psychology, channeling & energy healing. Michele receives direct transmissions from her guides enabling her to offer her clients greater clarity about specific life issues & assist them with resolution. Michele has lived on Bali for nine years and incorporates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique teachings, providing a transformative healing experience for everyone she encounters. www.spiritweaverjourneys.com

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