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Distant or Cosmic Healing

Divine Energy is unlimited &  when I raise my frequency
to heal or send out Energy,  I just become a channel...

Nisya Shakti

*When I work in conscious collaboration with
Multidimensional Healers, "We work together"
as an Unified Channel for Divine Purpose....
Nisya Shakti


​In the  Universe, there is no space and  time but only love matters  without border , transforming every pain and suffering...
All around us and throughout the entire Universe, circulates the Life Energy and cosmic or long distance healing works according to Quantum Physics, where everything is energy and connected... 

The energy that you manifest all comes from one source. So you are going to the source, and that source is touching that person. It's almost simultaneous. It isn't a matter of them being in the room. You have certainly at times thought of people, and they have called. It didn't make any difference if they were in London. They heard the energy. Their lives felt the energy. This energy is vast, vaster than even the ocean. A penny dropped into the Santa Monica Bay does have ripple effects in India."
                            Dr. Eric Pearl & Frederic Ponzlov "
                    Salomon speaks on Reconnecting your Life" 

​Distant healing  is channeling of Cosmic Energy to a patient who is sick or in pain, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and "
working" on the premise that Everything and Everyone is connected by energy...

is  also an intuitive  and effective way to impact someone even if he/she is miles away... and distance has no impact on intuition !
As Energy has no limitations, distant healing does not involve any physical contact or direct connection between the healer and the patient. It works almost the same as in person healing and living on the other side of the planet is not a problem.

All that is needed is sincere intent and desire ​to help the person...
Around our bodies, deeply connected with it is electromagnetic field we call aura...

Aura is the world of ours, where changes of our emotions, beliefs and level of energies can be seen and sensed immediately.

When any energy problems are left in the energy system all these imbalances may illnesses, because there is no enough energy for regeneration...​

​In the Universe,  Everything is conscious Energy connected with all its parts  and,  as vibrations travel over the electronic waves ,  I sometimes do  sessions via Skype... Believe it not not, this is an effective and quite amazing  experience ~ 
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