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​Crystal Quartz & Amethyst

"Magical Amplifiers of Spirit, Body & Mind"

" I love to hold crystals  in my hands
and love to be surrounded by them. 
Also wearing crystals helps me to achieve
a better balance within my body". 
Nisya Shakti

In the of silence the soul finds the path in an clearer
lightand what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself  
into crystal attitude clearness. Our life is a long and
arduous quest after Truth.

Mahatma Gandhi


​Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer"stone and acts as an amplifier of all energies, body, mind and spirit.

Clear quartz  are magical, they vibrate and transport a transparent clear white Light that contains all other colors  frequencies of the spectrum.

Clear crystal quartz tend to draw “like minded” energies to them and can aid in communication with the spirit realm... 

Clear quartz  also help to facilitate psychic and healing awareness abilities and can be used to clear and energize the chakras of the body at all levels. It helps to aligns the subtle bodies, revitalizes and balances  the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes.  

Using crystals quartz  for healing has been linked to the healing of physical, mental, chakras and spiritual healing.

Quartz crystal 
points are used for  meditation for expanding the mind ​to touch 
​the spirit world. 
Beautiful clear
quartz ​pocket polished.
Clearquartz crystal point 
is colourless  
​or white

Quartz crystal points 
​and clusters should be in every home to bring peace and harmony in the home. 
Crystal Quartz water

Water that a quartz crystal has been placed and infused
can be drink for its spiritual and healthy benefits ....
Nisya Shakti

First, rinse your crystals and place them in a bottle  or a container...  then, fill the bottle or the container with mineral water and let them infused for about 24 hours. 

After this time, crystals and water will be aligned... 

When the water reaches the middle of the bottle or container, you have to refill the water and by this way, it will always keep the energy of the water charged at the appropriate level.

Once a month  you will need to cleanse the crystals and the bottle or container, to refill and to let it sit again for 24 hours to recharge. 
Quartz crystal balls have been
used for divination for centuries.​

You can place a crystal ball in your home to cleanse and energize all your other stones and also to clean​ the atmosphere of negative energies...  

​Nisya Shakti Picture 
​@Home Sweet Om

The shape of a crystal ball represents
consciousness, wholeness, a complete self 
and symbolizes the Universe and all within it.

Nisya Shakti 

The full moon can be used for cleansing and charging
crystals by taking the  advantage of the magnetic forces of the moon in combination with the earth or also by placing crystals in the direct light of the moon.

                           ​​         PROPERTIES OF CLEAR CRYSTAL                                            
Physical Healing Properties
Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal that is believed to be capable of drawing out pain while amplifying energy for healing. Healers that specialize in crystals utilize clear quartz crystal in rituals for many purposes including healing general pain, diarrhea, convulsions, dizziness, radiation exposure, headaches, hemorrhages, kidney disease and even hypochondria.

Mental Healing Properties
For mental and emotional healing, it is believed that quartz crystal in its clear forms is an important stone for self esteem. It is credited with possessing the ability to treat abusive childhood traumas, to balance emotions that are chaotic and to increase positive emotional energies and motivations to take action. Other mental healing properties of the clear quartz crystal include increasing intuition as well as insight, eliminating self pity and helping to achieve ultimate potential.

Physical Properties
On the Moh's scale, clear crystal quartz has a hardness of 7.0. The index of refraction for quartz is between 1.544 and 1.553. Clear quartz crystal has a white streak, a hexagonal crystal structure and a conchoidal fracture. There is no cleavage in quartz crystal, and the tenacity of quartz crystal is brittle. Clear crystal quartz falls into the silicates group of stones, has a vitreous luster and has a transparent to opaque transparency level. Striking features for clear quartz crystal include a frequent appearance of conchoidal fractures on its faces, hardness, striations on the face of the crystal and crystal forms. Quartz crystal dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.

Chemical Properties
Clear quartz crystal is either pure, or nearly pure SiO2 or silicon dioxide which is composed of silicon and oxygen, two of the most common elements in the earth. Any impurities found in clear crystal quartz are typically sodium, lithium, aluminum or potassium. Quartz in its clear crystal state has also been found in moon rocks as well as meteorites.

Quartz Facts
Clear quartz crystal is known for possessing other properties and capabilities as well. Quartz is regarded as a master healing crystal as it contains the full light spectrum. It can help to dispel static electricity and therefore can be kept near computers to ward off static. Clear quartz crystal is also said to help release negative energies spiritually, and it is linked to the harmonization of all of the Chakras though it is most commonly associated with the Crown Chakra. Clear quartz is also regarded as the birthstone for the month of April.
Jennifer Uhl, eHow Contributor

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*Another way to benefit from the properties of the crystal quartz is to wear it.
Crystals  close to the body are often used for protective or healing purposes 
and these usually do effect the entire body and energy field. The healing energies will go to where it is intended and to where the healing is needed

Keeping crystals under the pillow has many advantages. Certain crystals can help with sleep problems like insomnia. 

You can use crystals in your daily life to meditate, help relieve stress, receive more love, practice forgiveness and improve concentration. Crystal quartz or amethyst  are recommended  in meditation practice. The energy structure of crystal naturally imparts a stillness and order to the subtle body system which in turn helps to quieten the mind.

Cleansing & Recharging your crystal quartz
*You have different ways for recharging your crystals
The best way is to put your crystals outside under the moonlight. The full moons light is the brightest in its cycle, thus giving a greater charge to your crystals.    You can also place your crystals in sunlight for an hour or so, it will charge most crystals. You can also place your crystals on the earth for an additional charge while recharging them under the sun, moon or stars.
Placing your crystals on an amethyst cluster or on a clear quartz is for recharging  smaller crystals.

Programming Crystals
*Programming a quartz  is infusing the crystal with our intent.
In programming crystal, we put the energy of chosen thoughts and feelings into the energy pattern of a crystal and their energy helps to smooth out our own. All  crystals will respond to the intent of our own personal will whether in word or in thought. Once we' have programmed them, they will radiate the energy of our intention and they will know what to do until we program them for something else. The most important part of programming is the intentions we give to it and this is that through the process of affirmation our thoughts become physical reality...


Amethyst connects  with the 6 (Third Eye) chakra and for me is the best stone for meditation. It works in the spiritual, emotional and physical planes to provide balance, calm and peace. Amethyst promotes peacefulness, happiness, contentment and  brings inner strength... It calms and centers the mind and promotes  altered states of consciousness.

Unknown pathways will open up in front of you ! A new dimension of self expression will rise to the surface and expand your inner consciousness and awareness.

You can use amethyst  in your daily life to meditate, to receive love,  to practice forgiveness,  to help relieve stress and to improve concentration...

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